Friday, February 19, 2010

Mitsubishi Time Attack is Gahar

Mitsubishi Time Attack is Gahar

Time Attack (TA), one of racing competition emerging in Japan, America and even Europe have inspired Adhi Wisesa to modify the alias Ebel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII is often lowered her in drag race event. The target is to enter a contest modif. "Many doubted the quality of a racing car body look less done perfectly," said shop owner Wisesa Motorsport. And in the arena TA, according to Ebel, the design of cool-cool car, like the Evo VIII Nobuteru Taniguchi HKS team.

HKS red car from the famous with the nickname "No One Better" (NoB) is legendary because of record-breaking success at several circuits in Japan and America. This is the reference modification Ebel Lancer Evo VIII at the yellow gahar predicted not only the kitchen pacunya, but also sangar appearance. Exterior projects focus on the theme of TA, from the application body kit, sticker cutting themes, to the legs. Design body kit with a copy paste NoB Evo VIII CT230R named. Similarity starts from the front bumper, hood, until puffed up body. "Bumper and fender removed and then the original replica CT230R designed with fiberglass," says Ebel. Although the design extreme, but very fast installation system. Body kit for installation takes no more than 10 minutes. Affairs of the legs must use TA-smelling products. The choice fell on Volk Racing TE37 Time Attack Edition.

To get a wheel like that, Ebel had to spend Rp 50 million. Still affairs body, try to look to the right headlight, he was willing holes as a channel to the intake air. "Lights punched mikanya part, and formed of fiberglass custom aisle," said Ebel. Needed cooling for the intake because the kitchen staff was didongkrak runway. Because for the purposes of competition, Ebel to have 3 sets of pistons, namely CP, Wiseco, and JUN. All three brands have a piston that has didoping by a Garret GT35 turbo ball bearings with 2.2 bar boost. The average power produced ranges from 450 to 470 dk. Besides the engine and legs, for the sake of racing, aerodynamics are also important elements. GT-style racing with a wing that had saturated the past few years, now began to force its application. Like the GT wing Arospeed had made a custom holder for the stern Evo VIII. Other aerodynamic devices appear on the top of the rear glass, given fins usually called Vortex Generation.

Let us turn to the interiors. Nuances of race car really applied and designed very neat with no visible wires mess. All devices attached to a neat race. Similarly Cusco roll bar designed. Acrylic glass side had given all the pillars of a hole that has two functions. In addition to making light, it is also a characteristic of a racing car.

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