Friday, February 19, 2010

Honda Evo 6 Karya Anak Bangsa

Honda Evo 6 Karya Anak Bangsa

In the motorcycle exhibition at the JCC, in December last year, the booth displayed Astra Honda Motor Honda Evo 6. Apparently, motor sport types who still has possession of the concept Pambudi Ivanggar mind. To the point, he lived in Jakarta was difficult to sleep.

Incidentally, Ivan had a Honda Mega Pro. Thus, the vehicle is sent to the home modification Tauco Custom (TC) to be turned into Evo 6. "Dizziness me, if ya really like it ribet Evo 6 and certainly expensive. Use of pro-arm everything," said Topo Atmodjo Goedhel abstinence from TC who refuse a challenge.

The result, by adopting a component of the four brand motorcycles, Honda has Mego Pro Evo transformed into 6. Ivan was now able to sleep soundly.

Fat and solid
The characteristics of the Evo 6 emanating from the tank and hood. These two sectors can be tricked Topo, except the arm swing (swing-arm), pure design work of the TC. For fuel tanks, Topo can create a similar concept is not rounded, but thin.

"On either side there are grooves that can make a good foot pinch," said Ivan. Topo most nyeleneh work on top of the engine cover. If the original form of the exhaust pipes of six-cylinder engine, Topo emulate as a single cylinder engine. "Pipe cut off and just stuck. Glance original like hell," proud builder who is now racing skubek follow-up.

Use of this attribute looks impressive heavy motor in front. It was also noticed Topo. So, he made the swing-arm large. In addition, the exhaust is designed to balance the effects of front and rear body. "Although short, but stout and solid," Topo-defense.

Because the body has changed the look even more muscular and the use of materials in modifying the plate, the standard power on the verge of defeat certain motors. In order to keep ngacir, the solution is to bore-up.

In the kitchen runway, Topo installing Yamaha Scorpio piston diameter 70 mm. This replacement makes the engine capacity of 222.3 cc terdongkrak be. Carburetor used for the racing models, the Keihin PE 28.

Because the motor concept, must be impressed by the modern view, and Topo want the impression that there is in creation. So, like the speedometer, used the memorable up-to-date. This digital device adds cool if their placement is more appropriate and interesting.

One thing that is proud of the placement of different ignition than usual. Berkelir about the black rim, to the rear, used a Aprilia. The disc brake picked from Suzuki Satria F-150 and handlebars selected from the brand Kawasaki Ninja.

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